The Black Magic Show

Last night was an important one for me, I can see why I love music so much. It brings together all of my best friends. And when you see a band like Sound Team and see how amazing they are and the potential that they have it is very inspiring. Meeting some of the members after the show was a treat because they are down to earth just all around cool guys. "Your eyes are liars" is a song I can't seem to stop listening to and I will see these guys every chance I get from now on.

Elefant was a band I wanted to see but I was more excited about Sound Team, but that was also a surprise. I have always thought of the singer as kind of a fake. He isn't that bad after all and even though I have not picked up the new album I like what I heard. And they played a lot of the 1st album which is one of my favorites. Finished the night off at my favorite bar Ginger Man, drinking my favorite beer in the world Firemans #4. Great night, I will miss Austin while I am gone. See you all soon, I will try to update while out of town but that could go either way, don't forget about me! Here is some pics from last nights show.....

Hanging out with Sound Team.