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Your eyes are liars

Still trying to get over the heartache of last nights game, and it seems as though Mark Cuban is headed for another victory on American Idol. I saw this guy and I thought wow, change the grey and he looks like Cuban. But now that the sports are out of my life I can start off the rest of the week as it should be started, by going to see Elefant and Sound Team tonight. I will have some pics up from the show tomorrow. Another day off so I can relax before the show and getting ready to go out of town on thursday , so here we go....

New Releases today , I would buy Art Brut, Phoenix, or the Walkmen, here is the list.

2 Videos from The Strokes performance at the Ramones benefit.

The perfect gift just in time for my birthday, Dazed and Confused-Criterion Collection.

Trailer for the film " Fast Food Nation", loved the book.

And if you have some time to kill I suggest you watch this, believe it or not, it's entertaining.
Loose Change-9/11.