Pre-Victory Post

So I know I am setting myself up for a whole lot of trash talking if they don't win. But I have faith in the Spurs. So I thought I would do a little pre game prediction, defending champs, at home, game 7. You know the Spur's have this game and I will not delete this post if they lose, so everyone can have a little fun at my expense but that will not happen anyways so see you after the game...

Taco Xpress delayed till June, I am boycotting Walgreens even though it is not necessary.

DangerMouse to collaborate with Black Thought of the Roots, according to MTV....

"Danger Mouse teamed up with MF Doom for an album, and he more recently hooked up with Cee-Lo for the Gnarls Barkley project. Next on his hit list is Roots lyrical savant Black Thought. "We're in the middle of working on some material right now," Thought recently revealed. "We got together a few months ago, before the whole Gnarls Barkley thing took off the way it did. So I'm not sure of how that's gonna affect our project, but it's still in the works."

Arctic Monkeys lose a member, sad.

Cool article on why it is hard to get concert tickets.

Games on so gotta go, see you after the game!