I'm low, well your lower

The Politics are amazing, I sincerely urge you to stop by their website and check out the new music. I have been listening to it all day and really dig the songs. The E.P "About A Liar" should be available for purchase and download soon. I would suggest everyone keep an eye on this band. [link]

Expect live performances beginning in June and through fall. I will keep you posted.. A little more news for the day begins here ->

Chili Peppers reveal tour dates, No Texas,thanks guys, strike two!

Sonic Youth coming to Stubbs, June 23rd!

Thighs Wide Shut has yet another cool Gnarls Barkley vid from Coachella.

Madonna played a 38minute set at Coachella, people flew hundreds, maybe thousands of miles for 38 minutes, Boo!