Why is the room spinning?

I had a few too many last night, funny how things get out of hand so quickly. Just woke up, tried to post something earlier but that wasn't happening. I am feeling refreshed now and am ready for the day. Got some great basketball to watch tonight, Go Spurs Go! and I will try to salvage the rest of my day by being extra productive. Gotta go buy tickets to the Elefant/Sound Team show @ Antone's on Tuesday. I suggest anyone in Austin should do the same, going to be a great show. Till next time, have a good one.

The punch that killed the Mavs? Sorry guys.

Check My Old Kentucky for almost 20 covers of "Love will tear us apart".

Da Vinci Code is out today, I have not read the book, but I haven't heard to many good things about the film. Check it out anyways, you know you want to.

We Are Scientists and The Double to tour together, that's a good show. Check it out if you live anywhere near here.

Oh and thanks, I had 1000+ visits on a single day on Tuesday and I appreciate those that check back often. Spread the word, keep coming back, I promise I will suck less as time goes on.