It's not over

So I was watching the Austin City Limits festival video that they released yesterday and I got very excited when I saw that The Editors were a part of the video. But looking at the line up I don't see them listed anywhere, and they do not use "the" before their names. I could be wrong, on the myspace page it says "The". I paused the video and took a screenshot (pictured) so if anybody knows anything about this, let me know. Also good to see one of my hometown favorites Sparta was added to the show. So last night's games were great, both of my teams won, I can't wait till tomorrow.

So here is the full ACL line-up at the official page, with the video I mentioned. Which by the way is a really cool video., my favorite music blog, if I don't count myself will be hosting a radio show on Sirius radio. If you have Sirius check it out because I am sure it will have some great music.

I don't have influence over shit, at least I don't think I do?

Really cool blog, Cause=Time, check it out.

I haven't been to work in 3 days so I am going to go get my life together, Good Day.