Steady as she goes

Spur's game sucked last night, Mark Cuban was right the ref's are terrible. Bruce Bowen went up to David Stern after the game and even told him this has to be fixed. But the Spur's did make some mistakes that cost them the game, so what can you do. Can't wait for tomorrow when they will be in the cozy confines of the AT&T Center. I still have faith that this will go to game 7. And sorry to all my friends in Detroit, but I have to give it up to the Cav's. So now that the sports report is over let's talk music.

Sound Team played a set a's lounge, check it out here. I am obsessed with them at the moment.

What the fuck, somebody send this boy away already.

New Releases today, list here. I'm going to go pick up The Raconteurs.

Nacho Libre is going to be cool, check out the site.

I am going to go by The Raconteurs album, Peace.