Vision and audacity

Good Morning, So I wasted my life away yesterday, but is that not what you do with day offs? It probably would not have killed me to do something though, oh well. So the Frost Bank Tower[link] will no longer be the tallest builing in Austin, a taller project is being built, and right next to it no less. With the addition of the new structure and all of the damn condos that are being put up the skyline will look very different in the next few years. So to remember the good old days I am going to take a few pics of the current skyline for the archives. So here we go...

ABC is offering free streams of some of their shows for those of you that don't think TV is the devil. Which an unusual amount of my friends do. But if your bored at work or whatever, here you go.

New Muse song "Supermassive Black Hole" available for download thanks to Stereogum.

They are still going to lose.

Imogen Heap tonight @ Stubbs BBQ, rumor has it there was so much demand the show it had to be moved outside, Thank J. Purchase Tix here.

This is cool, kids are useful.