A day without an immigrant

I am not here to be political, but today is a very interesting day[link]. Working without a kitchen staff at the restaurant I work at. Been pretty hard and I look forward to seeing the guys tomorrow. It's interesting the mixed opinions I received from customers today, some supportive, some not so much. I am hispanic but chose to work today because I am really broke and I had to because most of my co-workers are moonlighting as cooks in the kitchen today. So if you are in a place of business effected by today, be patient. But enough of all that here is some music stuff....

Radiohead is touring small venues across North America, nowhere near the city I live in, thanks guys.

One of many Coachella wrap ups, this might have been the last time the festival was held in Indio. That makes me sad.

For sports or UT fans, Vince Young goes 3rd.The Houston Texans are retarded.

Islands and Year Future are at Emos tonight, check them out. It's a 2 for 1 show!

Gnarls Barkley live.

I have a lot more stuff but I have got to get back to work so maybe later.....

(This was posted early but blogger was having some difficulties, sorry. What you thought I was lazy?)