Everything good I deem to good to be true, everything else is just a bore

Photo of protestors in front of capital, if you don't know why check this out [link].

So the $35 three days passes for ACL went on sale today and were all snatched up in 40 minutes, And sadly I missed the email by 15 minutes. So now that ship has sailed regular tickets go on sale in 2 weeks. Guess I'll try again next year. So its early in the week and nothing really eventful to write about so here are a few links....

The new Radiohead will be like OK Computer but terrifying.

Cloud Room tonight at Emos. Caught them at SXSW pretty cool check them out.

Simpsons movie in 2007, heres the teaser trailer.

And don't forget to pick up the Morrissey and the Flaming Lips, both albums are out today!!

Until tomorrow..