Stone still days (Updated)

Changed my mind and decided to stay home today and relax, lot on my mind. Need to spend some time at home, don't do that very often. Sorry to my good friends in San Antonio, I will make a trip up there very soon. I also want to thank Part of the Heard for the link, very cool site, seem like really good people. Have a good one....

Kanye West was added to the Saturday line up for all my Coachella friends.

Sound Team will be playing a free show @ End of An Ear tomorrow and it's free. (couldn't find anything else on websites besides Austin Showlist about it, so procede at your own risk) It's a cool store anyways.

The Strokes and Rolling Stone magazine get into a fight over money, guess who wins.

Quentin Tarantino is working an a Jimi Hendrix biopic, Awesome!

I really miss the Mars Volta, think I'm going withdrawl.

Go Spurs!