TV on the Radio - Emos

So did I make it out to the show last night, your damn right I did. And it is a good thing to because it was a great show. Celebration opened up and played a great set. Almost a darker YYY's with a touch of organ. Best part of their show was the staff at Emos making fun of all the equipment as they took it off the stage. I know you need what you need but it was an obscene amount of equipment. TV on the Radio took stage around midnight and they were great, it was like a rock show, mixed with a little soul and a touch of gospel. They play with a lot of passion and were joined by various members of Celebration throughout the night. If you have a chance check them out, they will be at Coachella for all of my friends who are going, then next month they will open for Nine Inch Nails. So here's a little bit of stuff to keep you occupied and have a good day

New Releases today, Secret Machines, The Streets and Trail of Dead live albums are the ones that caught my eye.

Muse is releasing the single and the album is on it's way, ACL in their future?

Somebody hacked into the computers at UT and stole a bunch of personal info, that sucks.

Read on the Austinist how Austin is featured in the new Urban Outfitters catalog, pics are pretty cool, check them out, maybe buy some expensive vintage style clothing or something.