I am sofa king (lazy, tired, amazing?)

Monday is the longest day of the week for me. I always have to work all day and it is so boring. I have a small break so heres a little update for the day before I go back to work. Two wishes for today 1. To make enough to go see TV on the Radio (pictured left) 2. That it not be sold out when I get there. Let you know how that all turned out tomorrow.... Peace

This must have been a sight to see.

The Roskilde festival is getting the Strokes, I know this festival is far away but it always seems like such a cool one to go to.

The Beatles are finally making their music available on the internet.

Interesting article on MySpace, check it out. Tom is one rich motherf**cker!

Don't forget about TV on the Radio @ Emos tonight, here is a review of last nights show in Dallas. (gorillavsbear)

Conspiracy Theory Rock, great video that I am amazed they played on NBC, even if it was only once.