Let's get the hail out of here!

So we are under a tornado watch till 10pm tonight, just stopped raining and had a little hail. I am able to write today because I was sent home from work because of the weather. Which is drag because I actually felt like going to work today. 420 today, if that's what you are into. I would rather not say how I feel about the holiday, I will leave that up to your imagination. Hope everyone is having a good one though.

Here is a little story about today, in case you were wondering.

Is it really necessary to report every time Pete Doherty is arrested.

Jamie Lidell, who is opening for Beck this summer is pretty cool, Guess I'm getting to the show early.

I can't decide who is dumber? I thinks it's him, but just barely.

Oh and Tom Petty is confirmed as one of the headliners at ACL this year.