Running through life, like a misfit

This photo either shows what a liberal city we live in or how really hot it got all of a sudden. I think it is the latter personally. Thanks to the Austinist. Not much going on today, much better at work , I guess the worry of taxes has gone for now. I was getting a little worried for a second.

New releases today include the new Elefant album as well as the Coachella documentary. I'm on my way to pick those up. Here is the full list.

A new site filled with rumors about who will be at the ACL festival this year, check it out.

Speaking of which The Shins will be at ACL.

Blackouts around Austin yesterday, mostly on the southside.

Saved by the Bell is coming to Adult Swim, and nerds and stoners are pissed.

Funny video of traffic in India, watch if you have a minute to waste.