A little different

So this weekend involved something a little bit different, I was chosen to represent NXNW, the brewery that I work for at this years food and wine festival. Not that I would call any of what I did work, my day basically consisted of walking amongst the festivals patrons and sipping wine, drinking beer, and tasting overpriced food. Not my usual crowd though, is it bad that I feel more at home in a dark venue surrounded by the tatooed and pierced than I do in a elegant park surrounded by the 9 to 5ers and their Eddie Bauer weekend wear? But I will not knock these people to much, everyone was very nice and I had a lot of great conversations. So maybe it's good to think outside the box sometimes.[link]

But it's about time to get back to the usual so here goes...

Nas and Rakim, could be a legendary collaboration.

That the Saboteurs to you Austraila.. That sucks.

Arctic Monkeys at Stubbs BBQ on June 7th. Just in time for my birthday!

Its about time...

And the Editors cover Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz, I don't think its that bad.