Nine Inch Nails - Frank Erwin Center

First of all the only thing I did not like about Saul Williams was the fact that the set was only 25-30 minutes. He is an amazing poet, a great musician, and I would have really wanted to have seen more of him.

Nine Inch Nails played an amazing set, Reznor must have been really glad to be in Austin because I have never seen him play such an enthusiastic set, the fact that they have toured like a motherfucker also shows, such a tight set.


Piggy- Jumped into the crowd and they sang along with him, Only time during the show I wished I was in the mosh pit.

Mid Set- Images projected on lining covering the stage, insects, animals killing eachother, scenes from war, and Bush followed by a chorus of BOO's!

Everyday Is Exactly the Same- Best song on new album.

Closer- Do I need to explain?

Anyways, great time. No shows for a while but you never know, right. Here are some of those images from the show..Peace