Badges we don't need no stinkin badges! - SXSW 2006

Tuesday - The Strokes / Eagles of Death Metal @ Stubbs BBQ.

Started off with an amazing meal at Stubbs BBQ to build up our energy for what was to come. As soon as we walk up we run into Josh Homme ( Queens of the Stone Age), we bullshit, take pictures and go onto the show. First band up is Shawn na na, pretty good songs found out later the lead singer is Har Mar Superstar which I though was pretty cool whatever. Next up was Eagles who fuckin rocked, had some double drum action going on and was over all pleasing. Finally The Strokes took stage and threw down hit after hit. This being the fourth time I've seen them perform I can honestly say it was the best. Maybe its the alleged sobriety, but it was a very solid performance. Good show, good friends, and a great way to start the week.

Wednesday - Flaming Lips @ Fox and Hound

Actually seen from across the street and completely on accident it was none the less a kick ass show. The show was outside so we had a perfect view. To see the Lips perform is an experience that is hard to describe unless you are into acid. Notable parts of the performance: covers of both Queen and Black Sabbath to open and close the set. Wayne Coyne is such a treasure and I am glad I caught this one.

Thursday - Mazarin / Sound Team / The Tyde / The Cloud Room @ Buffalo

No Photos from this show because I didn't take the camera - No Shit, Overall cool vibe for this show, local bands Sound Team and Mazarin are well on their way to taking it to that next level so this was my last shot and seeing them before things really start to happen for them. Both bands are amazing and I hope the rest of the world figures that out. This party was sponsored partly by Jack Daniels so I don't know how I felt about the other bands but I think I liked them:)

Friday - Spin Magazine Party

The Go! Team / We Are Scientist /
The Stills / The Charlatans

Free alchohol, free BBQ, free music, free swag, ok now that all that is out of the way this was the most pleasing show so far. The Stills were great but didn't play the song I wanted to hear. It was their first show in a year and they played new songs and it sounds promising. We Are Scientist are the shit, the set was good, and they play with great energy. The Charlatans UK, well if I want to see Oasis I will buy tickets to see Oasis!

Well thats what I got so far, one more day to go so check back soon and I'll finish off the weekend tomorrow or Sunday so till then Peace!!!