If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate

So this morning I found out that Madonna will be playing on Sunday at Coachella! I am really excited, I think it is going to kick ass. Hopefully it will not sell out now but good friends that are going I would buy tix ASAP. Only 58 more days to go... In cased you did not notice I am really excited about this, I have been a fan of Madonna for a very long time like most people and never thought I would see her in concert especially at Coachella of all places.

On to the daily

Madonna at Coachella! In cased you missed it.

Radioheads almost done with the new album, hmm just in time for ACL festival.

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists 4 times at SXSW.

My old high school basketball team kicks ass.

And Sigur Ros jam session outside tour bus in Dallas. Im out!