"There's a fine line between fiction and nonfiction, and I believe I snorted it in 1976."

So the damn tickets to Supergrass were sold out. I blame myself and the fact that I have had three months to buy them.You would think I would have been more efficient, oh well. And I have not bought an album yet either but I will probably get to that later today. I did buy the movie Waiting... on DVD and that shit is hilarious. Anyways here are some links...

This is what I call an Open house. I need to move to Amsterdam. I'm kidding.

There's a fucking surprise. They usually are so good about these things.

I think I am going to go? We'll see.

Kinky for Governor! I don't know much about his political agenda but I like him and his ability not to bullshit.

And the new Strokes video "Heart In A Cage". Can't wait to see these guys next month.

Oh and did I mention it is really fucking cold here!