This wicked city, has dragged you down

Editors - Munich

This is the band I have been waiting to find for a while, every once in a while I find a band that really makes me excited about music, Mars Volta, Interpol, Arcade Fire, for example. And this usually happens very early on in the bands career and then they go on to achieve the success they deserve. At that point it is like my little secret is gone and I'm out to find my next big thing, well this is it, consider yourself warned. Munich is one of a three single set and is my personal favorite. And they have remixes of the song that surprisingly don't suck as most often do. They will perform in Austin at SXSW which I probably have no chance in hell of getting into and later at Coachella which I will not miss. People are fragile things you should know by now, careful what you put them through.