8201 Interview - For Those Who Know

For Those Who Know

Described as "sex music" by the Austin Chronicle must be a dream come true for a band, at least I think it should. And that is exactly the way Austin's For Those Who Know are described. I feel fortunate have come across their music. It's hypnotic from first listen and I honestly had a hard time finding a way to describe it for this article. I suggest letting the music do that for itself, but it did make me think that they made the kind of music that made you get lost in your own thoughts while listening, if that makes sense. A new favorite for this blog, they will be at Emo's on December 29th. I will be there and I suggest you do the same.
On to the questions...

So what can we expect in the new year?
We have enough material now for another record. We'll have new songs ready in the first part of the year, and hopefully, somebody will want to release it for us. Maybe we'll finally make a video, and, of course, we'll do more touring. In March, we're going back to the west coast.

What are you listening to right now?

James...Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped ("Jams Run Free" rips off the chorus melody to our song "Competition")
Rick...Serena Maneesh - self titled
Stephen...Snowden - Anti Anti

Any memorable moments from shows played this year?

Playing at Beerland is always great. I never "remember" it, but that in itself is memorable to me. Pianos in New York City was definitely the best time we had at a show this year.

What do you think of the music scene in Austin right now, in a good place?

It's in a good spot. I like to see deserving bands leaving Austin to go out on tour. That does more for the scene than anything that happens in the city. Benko is a great band that everybody should know about. Also, I recently got into A Featherweight Burden. They kind of remind me of the Flaming Lips, which could never be a bad thing. Good pop music.

What was a very influential album to the band?

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
For Those Who Know - Upcoming shows
Dec 29th - Emo's
Jan 12th - Beerland
Jan 25th - Whiskey Bar
Feb 3rd - The Mohawk