Lady Sov, Thankgiving, and I know I suck...

Hope the holiday weekend was good to you, I enjoyed mine so much that I took a extra day. Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Let me start off by saying that Lady Sovereign was a great show on Thursday night. The line was wrapped around the building when I arrived and I had an extra ticket. What to do? Sell it for twice what I paid for it! So it was like I got to go for free, by the way I don't encourage scalping, but you have to do what you have to do. Once inside the opening band went on, Young Love I think was the name. They are awful and I don't really understand why they were on the bill. So I had to stand through that in a coma from the turkey earlier on in the day and wait for Sov. By the way Trail of Dead was in attendance and I was fortunate enough to get a few words in with them, they said the show at Emo's they played the previous night was pretty kick ass. So the show began and we got ll the usual stuff, S-O-V chants, midget references, and the funny faces. She played most of the new album and did a Sex Pistols cover which was great. Out of the three times I have seen her in the past few months this was the most entertaining. I wish I finished off more holidays like this.

I saw an increase in traffic due to the whole Coachella 2007 thing, if you are here for that bookmark this page, I will have the most up to date info, line up leaks, etc as time goes on. I will post any rumors as well as long as they have some realistic value to them.

By the way Austinist has great review of the Trail of Dead show mentioned above.

And it's another good week for music here in Austin, make plans....

Fun Fun Fest schedule.

And SOUNDteam is back in Austin Thursday and it's free! All thanks to The Onion, from their site...

For the rest of you fine-ass Onion lovers, come join the Onion staff and fans at the
First Ever One-of-a-Kind Onion Austin Launch Party at Emo's, November 30th, featuring:

Sound Team
Eugene Mirman(comedian)
IV Thieves
The Lemurs
Tacks The Boy Disaster
DJs Cordial Squad (featuring Onion writers)

Houston, Texas) 2:00-2:45