East Austin Studio Tour

This deserved it's own post. On Saturday November 18th and Sunday November 19th the East Austin Studio Tour will take place. I have never been, but have heard nothing but great things and will make this year my 1st. Here is a little background from the website:

E.A.S.T. has become a great way for east Austin artists to meet and connect with a large and diverse section of people from our city and beyond. November 18th & 19th is your chance to stroll through the working spaces of over 120 artists, and converse with them about how and why they do what they do.
This studio tour first began in 2003 as a one day event with only twenty-eight studios. Now, with eighty-six studios, one would be hard pressed to visit every artist even over the course of the entire weekend. That's where this book comes in as it gives you the opportunity to preview the work of every artist on the tour. While this book was designed and compiled by us, it was authored by the artists themselves. Each artist decided on which image to publish, and word for word what to say about themselves. We find this not only gives you a glimpse into their work, but often into their personality as well. So read carefully, make notes, and figure out who you don't want to miss. Then, when the weekend of November 18th and 19th arrives, visit the studios, meet the artists, and hopefully come home with some new art to enrich your life.

I strongly suggest you try to make it out and support these artists. Here is the link to the official website. It has info on all of the artists, as well as maps and directions. [E.A.S.T Website]