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Silversun Pickups / Viva Voce @ Emos

Just back from Emo's, what a crazy night... I feel as though I just ran a marathon and in a lot of ways I just did. Four shows in just a few hours. Here is the recap of the indoors show featuring Silversun Pickups and Viva Voce. They are obviously two of the best new bands to come around all year and all the hype that surrounds them or will soon surround them is greatly deserved. Having to compete with with Sparta and SOUNDteam on the outside stage, the challenge was met and the audience was plentiful. The tracks are dazzling. I mentioned this in a previous post but I have to mention it again. These are the type of bands that pull you in from note number one, and I think we are lucky to have them sharing a bill. Toward the end of the night it was a treat to hang out with some of the members of SOUNDteam while they opted to check out Viva Voce. I asked them what they thought and they were equally impressed. You can read more about the tour on the Filter Magazine Tourzine. Up next the tour takes them to Norman, OK where my fellow blogger Shoes Are For Work will be giving the play by play on the show that takes place there. Thanks Filter for the opportunity to blog on this show, good times.....

[Filter Tourzine]