Blowing off some steam...

I write a blog about music because I truly love music. I am the most happy whan I am at one of the many venues around town on the night of a show, or the day of a release and buying my copy of whatever album it may be. I started doing this because my friends always asked me what I was listening to. I love to tell people about new music, old music, good music. I moved to Austin for music. So with all of the success of this music blog over the past few months I got to thinking. I was reading Stereogum today and saw something that was kind of unsettling. Read the article [here] but the basically the article is about a new album and says this:

We hate when labels send us shit via Airborne Express. It means we have to get up off the "couch" and put on some "clothes."

It then talks about the CD sent is watermarked and won't play in their computer and they sure as hell aren't going to "stand up" and "dust off" the stereo. The name of the site is Stereogum! What next? Are we going to find out they don't like gum?

Now, I get it. They are just trying to be funny. But it seems lately the most popular sites in the blogosphere are missing the point. The big guys GvB, Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum and Scenestars seem a little bit more preoccupied with perks that come with the "job" than the actual job. Now I love the free stuff as much as the next guy, I have to admit it's kind of cool to be on lists, do the backstage thing, get the free CD's. But personally I am just as happy to be part of the crowd, buy a ticket, and enjoy the show. I would be there with or without the blog, I guarantee it. I am greatful for every CD I get in the mail. I base more emphasis on the way that you carry yourself as a band or musician than your level of popularity. I guess I just hope that these guys wise up to the fact that a blogs success can be just a fickle at the next big things that they write about and get back to writing the useful content that made them popular in the 1st place. I link them on the right because I really do believe in the fact that we are a community and I love the fact that they have the voice they have, I just sometime think that they are not using that voice to it's full potential. Any opinions?