As I mentioned yesterday DFA are doing the DJ tour, what I failed to mention was that they are doing it in support of the new DFA Remixes, Chapter Two (to be released October 3rd) which has a really good tracklisting, check it out:

1. Tiga - "Far From Home" (DFA Remix)
2. Junior Senior - "Shake Your Coconuts" (DFA Remix)
3. N.E.R.D. - "She Wants To Move" (DFA Remix)
4. Hot Chip - "Colours" (DFA Remix)
5. Nine Inch Nails - "Hand That Feeds" (DFA Remix)
6. Goldfrapp - "Slide In" (DFA Remix)
7. Chromeo - "Destination Overdrive" (DFA Remix)
8. U.N.K.L.E. - "In A State" (DFA Remix)

Some more notable shows coming to Austin that I have to add, and at this point say mercy because it's getting out of control.This is in addition to the previous list [here]

9/03 RJD2 (Waterloo Park)
9/13 Gnarls Barkley (Stubb's)
9/30 Spoon (Emo's)
10/23 Jenny Lewis + Watson Twins (Stubb's)
10/26 Juana Molina (The Parish Room)
11/23 Lady Sovereign (The Parish Room)

Tonight in Austin - Thu. 08/31

Don Caballero at Waterloo Records (5pm, free instore)
Don Caballero, Zombi, Bring Back the Guns at Emo's (late show)
Mae, New Amsterdams, Vedera at Emo's (early show)
The Gathering: hip hop open mic with DJ Notion at Emo's Lounge (corner of 6th and Red River, free)
Giant Squid, Lions of Tsavo, Slo-Bula, High Cost of Living, The Late Fees (7pm) at Beerland
The Paper South at 912 Red River (former Velvet Spade, 912 Red River)
Cavedweller, Dross, Southern Backtones, Little Aurora at Room 710
Year of Desolation, Cerebus, By Any Means Necessary, Forever in Terror at Redrum
Genitallica, Edo at Flamingo Cantina
Duke, Gentlemen's Social Club, el B, Hadley at the Red Eyed Fly
This Dog's a Lion, The Easies, Perennial Tuesday at the Parlor (100-B North Loop, 9pm)
Buttercup, Oh No! Oh My! at Stubb's
Two Hoots and a Holler at Ego's (510 S. Congress, 11pm-2am)
Lylah, Spyder Baby at Elysium (8pm)
Rock n Reel with Adeline, screening of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Jo's Coffee (1300 S. Congress, music at 7pm, movie at dusk)
Atomic Robot at Cafe Mundi (1704 East 5th St., 6pm)
The Tingles, Mandible, Archibalds, Fluffer's Union at Trophy's