SXSW By The Numbers

Number of my pictures that made it on Austinist: 2
Number of Cab Rides: 6
Number of Cab Drivers that refused to drive us: 2
Free Drinks with "The Bracelet" : 45 - 50
Vodka Drinks At The Diesel Party in less than an Hour: 7
"Famous" People in The Street: 4
( Bassist From Cold War Kids eating Roppolos Pizza, Britt Daniels from Spoon on 6th Street, Perry Farrell outside of Vicci, and Bill Baird on Congress)
Times Heard The Fratelli's 'Flathead' : 3,487
Parking Tickets: 1
Average Time getting home: 4:00
Hours of Sleep in 5 days: 20-24
Show that I wanted to see but missed: 8
Miles Walked: 12
Text Messages: 176
Number this site was listed on Google when searching SXSW Day Shows: 2
(After SXSW official!)
Car Batteries: 2
Free CD's: 12
Energy Drinks Drank: 9
Emails I missed: 94
People From Scotland Requesting Fratelli's Pictures: 2