I was wondering about Autolux today and they posted some news yesterday, coincidence? Here is what they had to say:
07. 04 .06 --> Autolux are going into the studio(in Los Angeles) to start/finish their record in-around-or on August 1, for about a month. They will be co-producing the record with John Goodmanson. Although the record will be finished by the end of September, the record won't be released until Jan. or Feb. of 2007.

Donewaiting.com celebrates it's 3rd anniversary with a new layout, I call it fantastic.

The new Johnny Cash album came out yesterday, pick it up if you can. You can here a few track on myspace. Next week we've got Muse, Thom Yorke, and Sufjan Stevens.

Tonight in Austin - Thu. 07/06
Carla Bozulich (ex-Geraldine Fibbers), Dead Science, Anini Rossi, My Education at Emo's
Mankind is Obsolete, Lust Murder Box, Hipnautica, Gravity Euphoric at Elysium
The Lemurs at the Whiskey Bar (303 W 5th St., 11pm, free)
Charles Potts' Magic Windmill Band, Pink Nasty, Little Aurora at Room 710
Auto-Erotics, Tied for Last, Rocky Rocky, Josephine's a Killer at Redrum
Creature of Unusual Size, Echoset at the Hole in the Wall
The Freewave, Designated Johnny, Brown Julius at Flamingo Cantina
The Four, Spiritual Machine, El Charco, Rockus Circus, El-B at Headhunters
Rescue Mission, Mouse About, The Boxing Lesson, Killer Crocs of Uganda at the Red Eyed Fly
Stickpony, The Matt Dunnam Band, The Patrick Godbey Band, Creature of Unusual Size at Trophy's