So tonight might have been one of the most inspiring I have had in a while. It has finally started to cool off and tonight was the start of a beautiful fall. We Are Scientists are amazing to say the least. I can't remember a time where I had so much fun. And I do this a lot. They wasted no time breaking into Nobody Moves, Noblody Get Hurt and Cash Cow and treated us to the Art Brut cover Bang Bang, Rock & Roll as well as, A new track! I was able to speak to Chris after the show and do a psuedo interview. I am going to count it though because it was so entertaining.

We talked about how it said "Chris sucks" on his bass. He told us that it was written by no other than Kim Deal of the Pixies. He also Commented on how this was his new prized possession. And after a lenghty conversation with Steve from The Politics today about how although I was not a journalist I had been given the new task of interviewing artist,that I should set myself apart by asking the most random questions possible, here goes.

Mario or Luigi, and why?

Chris: My first instinct is to say Luigi because I am more partial to the green. But I also think the guy that played him in the movie takes away from him. So I would choose Mario because he had the thicker mustache. Which is hard to tell because of the 64 bits.

Ultra8201: That is the greatest answer to a question I have ever heard....

I can't say enough about how great a time we had talking to Chris.

And now for my formal apology to Art Brut.

I am so sorry Art Brut, I underestimated you. You then proceed to come in and play one of the most entertaining sets I have seen. And on top of that finish off with you version of the W.A.S track "The Great Escape" and bring up the band to cover it with you? Shame on me and consider me converted.

And in honor of last nights show I add my newest daily feature, what is this you ask? Well for the longest time I have been trying to add a music review section with numerous failures. Well now I have decided I will just add a new album everyday (new or old) that I think everyone should check out. And here is the first......

Art Brut and We Are Scientists - The Great Escape and Bang Bang, Rock & Roll each covered by the other band. But only available at the shows.

Standout Tracks- Both of them

Which leads to a contest: The logo at the top of the page will change frequently, the first person to send me a really cool photo to make the next logo wins a copy of the E.P mentioned above. This is hard to get so it's a hell of a prize. Winner announced and made the logo on Friday. Get to it!