ACL 2016: Band of Horses at Austin City Limits

 Photo Credit: Scott Newton

Photo Credit: Scott Newton

Band of Horses could easily be described as one of Austin's favorite bands. Having played here several times over the course of their career to huge crowds and several appearances at the Austin City Limits Festival over the last few years. The band recently completed their sixth album Why Are You OK and returned to to the ACL Festival stage on Friday night for a triumphant set before settling into their second appearance on the Austin City Limits stage last night. The latest album was written by the bands leader, Ben Bridwell, in what has been described as an "estrogen charged atmosphere" at the home he shares with his wife and four daughters. Bridwell took every free moment he could find between taking care of his daughters in his garage writing material for the new album and it is one of there best releases. Band of Horses were making their second appearance on Austin City Limits last night having played at the the old studios on the campus years before. The band opened strong with "Is There A Ghost" from their second record before showing off new tracks "Solemn Oath" and "Casual Party". They then made a quick set changed for a stripped down acoustic version of "No One's Gonna Love You" that had an audience of over 2,500 completely silent. When they finished they were given a standing ovation and thunderous applause that was refreshingly authentic after a long weekend of short festival sets. The bands energy was contagious and the adoration and respect they have for each other is so apparent. They joked around with each other and commented to the crowd on how much fun they were having before joking that "Now that were all having fun, here's a song about death" and then performing a fan favorite "The Funeral" before finishing off the night with "The General Specific". It was definitely one of the most memorable performances at Austin City Limits and we will make sure to remind you when it airs early next year as part of ACLTV's Season 42 on PBS. The band will also be back in Austin this Friday as part of weekend two of the Austin City Limits Festival

Band of Horses - Austin City Limits Setlist 10.2.16

Is There A Ghost
The Great Salt Lake
Casual Party
Solemn Oath
Throw My Mess
No One's Gonna Love You
Part One
Our Swords
Detlef Schrempf
In A Drawer
The Funeral
The General Specific