Last Night: Red Bull #SoundSelect at Stubbs


Red Bull Sound Select made it's arrival in Austin at Stubb's on Saturday night with an event for die hard music lovers who had to earn their invite by promoting their favorite acts socially. Local acts The Sour Notes and Gentlemen Rogues had the opportunity to open for the diverse duo of headliners, Theophilus London and The Dandy Warhols, while gaining a new and larger audience.

The night and the crowd belonged to London who now has his own backing band and played an extremely energetic set. Having seen him perform several times over the last few years it's impressive to see how much his live performance has progressed. The Dandy Warhols closed out the night and are in a much more playful and experimental phase in their career. The group is celebrating the 13th anniversary of Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia so a little self indulgence is expected at this point. They did treat the crowd to favorites like "Last High" "We Used To Be Friends" and "Bohemian Like You" which are such amazing songs and remind you what an underrated group they truly are. 

The Red Bull Sound Select is an initiative that promotes the music scene in various cities across the country and was the first of many events in Austin over the next few months. You can sign up and keep up to date on events at

Red Bull Sound Select - July 27th at Stubbs


On July 27th Red Bull Sound Select returns to Austin with a how at Stubb's featuring The Dandy Warhols, Theophilus London, The Sour Notes and Gentleman Rogues. This show would be awesome if it were just a regular event but what makes it even more awesome is that is an Invite Only event where the band chooses their audience. Now today is your last chance to reserve a ticket and I'm going to be honest, it's kind of confusing. Luckily the good folks at Do512 have broken it down for us. 

From the Do512 Blog:


1. Click this link to go to the Red Bull Sound Select Site.

2. Scroll down and click the “Request a Ticket” button and accept the following prompts.

3. If you’re not a fan already, accept the requests to ‘like’ Red Bull Sound Select on facebook.

4. The artists are the ones selecting winners, so increase your chances of winning by sharing photos of the bands on your social media!

For example: Show love for The Dandy Warhols, Theophilus London, The Sour Notes, and Gentlemen Rogues on Facebook or Twitter (Make sure to use #soundselect when you do). Include your favorite pictures, videos, etc. to best grab the attention from these artists.

5. Keep adding stuff ’til the end of the day (7/12) when the selection window closes!