SXSW 2014: Ultra5280 Presents "Boomtown Showcase"

Boomtown Showcase.jpg

Our sister blog, Ultra5280 in Denver seem to be doing pretty well for themselves back home. Tomorrow they arrive in town to spend SXSW week with us. This year, however they're getting in the act of doing more and throwing a sweet SXSW party! RSVP details are down below and is limited to musicians, industry, or badge holders only. Find more details here.

SXSW 2014: Ultra5280 Presents "Boomtown Showcase"
Wednesday, March 12th & Friday, March 14th | 6pm - Midnight

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More info at

And that’s not all, the site also indicates that they will be selling a special decode ring at the pop-up shop on site. There will be 3 clues broadcast each day, all leading to a numerical answer, which then in turn will lead a word or phrase by Saturday evening. The first five participants that submit the correct answer to will win a special prize.


Thursday, March 14th
Promised Land Sound
Steve Gunn
The Haden Triplets

Friday, March 15th
Ex-Cult (From RRS in the lot)
Ultras S/C
Useless Eaters/Pow!
Black Mekon
Des Unit

Saturday, March 16th
Dough Rollers
Growwing Pains
The Young
Natural Child
Blind Shake
Kelley Stoltz